Vienna Marriott Hotel

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Parkring 12a

1010 Vienna

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Garden Café in Vienna Marriott Hotel
Superior Deluxe Executive Suite Vienna Marriott Hotel
Cascade Bar in Vienna Marriott Hotel
Parkring Restaurant in Vienna Marriott Hotel


5 stars on the Viennese Parkring

Vienna Marriott Hotel has been operated by the renowned Marriott hotel chain since it was opened in 1985. At that time, it was the first Marriott Hotel in Austria and one of the first in Europe. Vienna Marriott Hotel stands out thanks to its exceptional location on the ring road. It is directly across from Stadtpark and near St. Stephen’s Cathedral and other famous sights in Vienna.

Diverse offers with excellent services

Of its 323 spacious rooms, 34 are suites. A conference area with 11 rooms offers 755 m² of space in total. The culinary offering includes the Parkring Restaurant, the Champions Sports Bar, the Cascade Bar with piano music and an indoor waterfall, and the Garten Café. With its terrace on the highest floor, the executive lounge offers a unique view of the Stadtpark. Numerous shops in the lobby also offer great shopping. This offering is rounded off by a fitness centre and a wellness area with an indoor swimming pool, sauna and solarium.

S IMMO as operator

The Vienna Marriott Hotel is operated by S IMMO via a management contract. S IMMO is therefore not only the lessor but also the operator of the hotel, so it is counted as the company’s owner-operated property.