Our responsibility

For S IMMO as a listed company, the dimension of governance encompasses the proper representation of shareholders as well as ensuring the sustainability of the supply chains.
The make-up of the Management Board and Supervisory Board reflects these principles and together they are responsible for establishing the corresponding values at every level of the company.

"Compliance with internationally accepted rules, maintaining fair dealings with stakeholders and transparent communication with all dialogue groups are fundamental pillars of the company's culture. Based on these principles, the company not only complies with the law, but has also established various binding guidelines and codes of conduct."
Holger Schmidtmayr, MRICS | Member of the Management Board

Our goals

  • Alignment of 25% of the variable Management Board remuneration to ESG criteria by 2025
  • Mandatory annual employee training on compliance guidelines and human rights policy
  • Establishment of sustainable supply chain management processes by 2025
  • External audit of the non-financial reporting with reasonable assurance by 2026


Additional information can be found in the Corporate Governance Report, the Code of Conduct, the Organisational Policies and the Remuneration Report.