Our responsibility

In view of the advancing process of climate change, it has become essential that, as a society, we understand and take into account the mutual effects of environmental changes and business activities on one another.

One of the biggest levers S IMMO as a real estate company has for making a significant contribution to a sustainable economy and society lies in designing the construction, operation and modernisation of the properties in a way that conserves as many resources, produces as few emissions and is as user-friendly as possible. 

S IMMO has identified the above topics as focus areas and is working intensively to reach its environmental goals.

"The ESG transformation comes at a cost, but the cost of being half-hearted when it comes to the implementation is much higher. Investments in this context contribute to the sustainable value creation of our company and are thus simultaneously investments in the future viability of S IMMO."
Herwig Teufelsdorfer, MRICS | Member of the Management Board

Our goals

  • 25% reduction in energy intensity by 2030
  • Purchase of electricity exclusively from 100% renewable sources by 2022
  • 25% reduction in water intensity by 2030
  • Promotion of environ­mentally friendly mobility of employees and electri­fication of corporate fleet by 2026
  • 30% reduction in intensity of property-­related, mar­ket­-based greenhouse gas emissions by 2030


Further comprehensive information – for example, on the implementation of the EU Taxonomy, the energy and water management processes and greenhouse gas emissions – can be found in the non-financial report.