About the Company

S IMMO AG is a real estate investment company based in Vienna. We have been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1987. We invest 100% in the European Union and own properties in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. S IMMO's property portfolio consists primarily of offices, but also includes retail, hotels and residential properties.


Local expertise

We have a streamlined organisation, and maintain flat structures and short decision-making paths. As a result, we act quickly, flexibly and decisively. We have employees in Austria, Germany and Croatia. This enables us to identify local developments at an early stage and respond swiftly.

Shareholder structure

CPI Property Group S.A. holds 88.37% of the share capital of S IMMO AG according to the notification dated 28 December 2022, whereby 50% plus one share is held indirectly via IMMOFINANZ AG.

S IMMO in the capital market

S IMMO AG has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1987 and in the prime market segment since 2007. The company is currently listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange with following products:


Guiding principles


Investing in lasting values: people and real estate


We design valuable living environments for today and tomorrow.


We use our experience, passion and local know-how to turn individual properties into a future-proof and high-performing portfolio based on forward-looking decisions.


  • Quality: Tenant satisfaction and consistently increasing business value thanks to highest standards
  • Heritage: Stability and reliability rooted in a successful past
  • Responsibility: Foresighted action for the benefit of our stakeholders and the environment
  • Collaboration: Achieving success as a team and together with our stakeholders


Insights into our portfolio

Focus on CEE

Currently, value growth in the German residential portfolio is being realised through sales. Substantial sales in Croatia, Slovakia and Austria are also being examined as part of a gradual streamlining of the portfolio. The liquid funds thus gained are to be reinvested in profitable office and commercial properties in the CEE region. 

Campus 6.2/6.3

Bukarest, Rumänien

Essence Garden

Budapest, Ungarn

Podium und Tower des S IMMO Büroprojekts The Mark in Bukarest
The Mark

Bukarest, Rumänien