Novotel Bucharest City Centre

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  • Hotel
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Calea Victoriei 37B, Sector 1

010082 Bucharest

Main lettable area

approx. 15.900

square metres

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Novotel Bukarest Bar
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Sleeping in the centre of Bucharest

Following a construction period of three years, the Novotel in Bucharest was opened on 28 August 2006. Just two months later, S IMMO AG purchased the four-star hotel in the heart of the city for a price of roughly EUR 30m. The seller and operator is the French Accor Group, one of the world’s largest hotel operators.

Combination of old and new

The hotel is located on one of Bucharest’s most prestigious streets, Calea Victoriei. On approximately 15,900 m² main lettable area and 12 floors it offers 258 rooms, including 16 suites. The Novotel combines classic architecture with modern, functional design: The facade is partially made up of the remnants of the former national theatre, which dates back to the 19th century. The entrance area is integrated into a modern glass facade which makes it almost impossible to see into the hotel that lies behind it. The hotel has a spacious lobby, a restaurant, a cafe, eight conference rooms, a spa and a fitness centre.