S IMMO AG: Further repurchase of participating certificates

Corporate news

Repurchase programme until further notice

The Management Board of S IMMO AG has, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, decided on a further repurchase programme for S IMMO INVEST participating certificates (ISIN AT0000795737 and ISIN AT0000630694). The repurchase programme will start on 22 June 2013 and will run until further notice. The price per certificate may be no lower than EUR 1.00 and no more than 2% higher than the total entitlement per certificate as shown in the most recently published quarterly report. Repurchases may be made on or off the stock exchange. The Company reserves the right to entirely or partially cancel the repurchased participating certificates.

Ernst Vejdovszky, Chairman of S IMMO AG’s Management Board: “This repurchase programme is another important step towards simplifying the Company’s capital structure.”

This announcement does not constitute a public offer to acquire S IMMO INVEST participating certificates and does not obligate the Company to accept offers for repurchase of S IMMO INVEST participating certificates.