Financial year 2021

Added value for tenants creates more value for S IMMO

A property and its premises must function for the tenants and the environment. The highest standards are important to us here - this is how we invest in the future. If we achieve and implement the best possible today, our properties will remain attractive tomorrow.

Property portfolio

As of 31 December 2021, S IMMO Group’s property portfolio consisted of 375 properties with a book value of EUR 2,830.8m and a total area (total lettable space including potential projects) of around 1.4 million m². Most of the properties are located in capital cities within the European Union.

Based on book value, properties in Austria accounted for 17.3% of the portfolio, while properties in Germany accounted for 48.2% . Properties in CEE made up 34.5% of the portfolio.

As of 31 December 2021, the portfolio broke down by main type of use not including plots of land and based on book values to
45.4% office buildings, 14.6% retail properties, 32.7% residential properties and 7.3% hotels.


65% stable markets

35% emerging markets

Excluding Vienna Marriott Hotel, Budapest Marriott hotel, projects with potential and plots

Our results have clearly shown how robust our business model is, and that S IMMO is able to deliver strong results even in times of crisis. Acquisitions, project developments and the ongoing, intensive work on our portfolio are laying the foundation for further sustainable growth at S IMMO.
Friedrich Wachernig (Member of the Management Board)



property portfolio



equity ratio



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certified main lettable area

Aspects of our success

Detailed information on the business year can be found in our Annual Report 2021.

Our investment strategy strengthens our portfolio not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of earning power and sustainability. The most recently acquired properties are all characterised by high user quality and environmental standards and provide a significant contribution to earnings. We want to continue to pursue this investment course, which creates sustainable values.
Herwig Teufelsdorfer (Member of the Management Board)

Top-end standards ensure future viability

A sustainable increase in value is the best measure of a company’s performance and health. In addition, it makes a contribution to society. This is a responsibility that we of course are happy to take on.

  • S IMMO's development projects are and will be certified according to international standards.
  • When making acquisitions, S IMMO pays attention to user quality and environmental standards. The recent purchases of the BudaPart Gate and the EXPO Business Park demonstrate this with their excellent certifications.


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