Quartier Belvedere Central

Usage types
  • Offices




1100 Vienna

Main lettable area

approx. 63,000

square metres

QBC 1 and 2

Development in the heart of Vienna - successful sale in two stages

Quartier Belvedere Central - a development project in which S IMMO AG played a formative role from the very beginning - is located in the heart of Vienna, between Vienna main station (Wien Hauptbahnhof), the Schweizergarten, the Upper Belvedere and right next to the Erste Campus. A colorful mix of modern offices, apartments and restaurants characterizes the entire district.

As the development of QBC progressed, S IMMO, together with UBM Development as joint venture partner, first sold components 3 and 4. This was followed in 2019 by the signing for the sale of the remaining office properties QBC 1 and 2. Thus, S IMMO AG, together with its development partner, successfully completed the project with the closing of the deal in December 2020. Thus, around 73,000 m² of gross floor space was developed, constructed and sold as part of the joint venture.