Usage types
  • Offices



Edisonstrasse 63, Wilhelminenhofstrasse 87

12459 Berlin

Main lettable area

approx. 16,000

square metres

Gebäudeschild "Leuchtenfabrik" auf S IMMO Büroobjekt in Berlin
Innenaufnahme S IMMO Büroobjekt Leuchtenfabrik in Berlin
S IMMO Büroobjekt Leuchtenfabrik in Berlin
Innenhof S IMMO Büroobjekt Leuchtenfabrik in Berlin


On the banks of the Spree

S IMMO purchased the listed Leuchtenfabrik (light factory) building in Berlin-Oberschöneweide in 2015. Following the acquisition, the building dating from 1897 underwent a comprehensive repositioning and is now aimed specifically at the creative and technology industries and companies in the field of research and development. As a historical waterfront property, the Leuchtenfabrik in the area known as Spreehöfe achieved leasing successes even before the official sales launch. With usable space totalling 16,000 m², the Leuchtenfabrik offers space for individual offices and small businesses as well as for users requiring up to 3,000 m².

Oberschöneweide – a former industrial location is revitalised

The building is designed in two parts, with a simple, unornamented façade by the bank of the River Spree on the south side and a Gothic-style façade on Wilhelminenhofstrasse on the north side. The Oberschöneweide district of Berlin, where the Leuchtenfabrik is located, has an important history as an industrial location and was shaped to a large extent by the electrical industry and the corporation AEG. Around the turn of the century, the AEG building and the Frister lamp factory – the biggest lamp and light factory in Europe at the time – stood opposite one another in a long row along Edisonstrasse and the north bank of the Spree.