Berliner Strasse

Usage types
  • Offices



Berliner Strasse 25-26b

13507 Berlin

Main lettable area

approx. 9,200

square metres

Außenansicht S IMMO Gebäude in der Berliner Straße in Berlin
Fensterfront S IMMO Immobilie in der Berliner Straße in Berlin
Seitenansicht des S IMMO Gebäudes in der Berliner Straße in Berlin

Offices with a history

The property Berliner Strasse 25-26b is situated in a versatile business location. The subway and a residential area are close by. The stately building substance reflects the history of this property. In the past, the area was used by Borsig, a traditional German company, which once was the second largest producer of locomotives in the world. Today, the north part of the building serves as a medical centre, the south part is used as an office location.