IMMOFINANZ starts preparations for a squeeze-out of S IMMO AG

Ad hoc notification

Today, S IMMO was informed, that IMMOFINANZ, which together with its parent company CPI Property Group S.A. holds a stake of approximately 88.37% in the share capital of S IMMO (taking into account the treasury shares of S IMMO of approximately 92.54%) decided – with the approval of its Supervisory Board – to commence preparations for a squeeze-out of S IMMO AG in accordance with the Austrian Squeeze out Act (Gesellschafter-Ausschlussgesetz).

In the course of the squeeze-out, shares in S IMMO (AT0000652250) held by minority shareholders shall be transferred to IMMOFINANZ as main shareholder in exchange for appropriate cash compensation. The squeeze-out currently relates to 5,246,664 S IMMO shares, which corresponds to approximately 7.13% of the share capital. These are shares that are not held by IMMOFINANZ, CPIPG or S IMMO as treasury shares.

Following the completion of preparatory steps, and subject to further legal, tax and financial review, IMMOFINANZ as main shareholder would submit a request to S IMMO to initiate the procedure under the Austrian Squeeze-out Act. The cash compensation for the acquisition of the S IMMO shares will be determined based on a valuation report to be obtained. The squeeze-out will then be submitted for approval at a shareholders' meeting of S IMMO, which IMMOFINANZ AG expects to take place in autumn 2024.

S IMMO will of course comply with all legal obligations that apply to it as the target company.