Financial year 2019

The real estate market is in constant flux. As entrepreneurs, we are making decisions every day that are right at the moment and shape the future. Our work always centres on success. External factors and conditions change along the way and so decisions sometimes have to be adapted a little. We respond to this by focussing clearly on success and by remaining flexible.



property portfolio



earnings per share



equity ratio



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EPRA-NAV per share



consolidated net income

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As entrepreneurs, we are open to new ideas. Markets change and this creates opportunities that we would like to make the most of. We never completely abandon familiar territory, instead combining our knowledge and familiar environment with new approaches to open up fresh opportunities.

In 2019, we have reached excellent operative results and have taken some important measures. With the issuance of two further corporate bonds we significantly extended the maturity of our financial liabilities. Moreover, in January 2020 we have carried out a very successful capital increase and thereby strengthened our liquidity and equity structure enormously. In the current challenging situation, we benefit from these measures.
Ernst Vejdovszky

Our business modell

Today’s S IMMO is the result of the decisions made in the past. We take the experiences gained during the last 30 years and use these as a basis for the future, perpetuating them into tomorrow’s world. We have invested in various types of properties in multiple major cities. This broad range offers us more opportunities and allows us to respond flexibly.

Value-creating purchases and sales

  • Purchases with high asset value as well as potential for attractive cash flow and/or value enhancement
  • Opportunistic, strategic or cycle-oriented sales

Asset management

  • Active management of properties
  • Increase in occupancy rate and tenant satisfaction
  • Increase in rents, yields and value


  • New construction of properties
  • Creation of prime properties in central locations
  • Attractive development projects

Leverage potential

  • Investment in and repositioning of properties
  • Restructuring
  • Creative, innovative marketing concepts

Markets & Real Estate

S IMMO acquires buildings with potential and is currently focusing on residential properties in economically up-and-coming German cities such as Leipzig, Erfurt or Kiel. Indepth knowledge of the local markets is a key factor here.

  • Focus on capital cities in Austria, Germany, CEE as well as on German cities with economic and demographic potential
  • Thanks to the know-how of local expert teams in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Croatia, we are able to identify developments at an early stage and act quickly.



commercial properties



residential properties



occupancy rate



rental yield

68% stable markets

Portfolio properties generating income (without plots and developments)

32% emerging markets

Portfolio properties generating income (without plots and developments)

The S IMMO share

  • Listed in the ATX since September 2017
  • Year-end closing price as of 31 Dec 2019: EUR 22.30
  • EPRA-NAV per share as of 31 Dec 2019: EUR 26.45
  • Earnings per share 2019: EUR 3.21
  • Stable and sustainable dividend policy since 2011
  • For the financial year 2019, the Management Board intends to propose a distribution of a dividend of EUR 0.70 per share entitled to dividends.
Of course, the corona crisis also affects us. 2020 is certainly not expected to be another record year. However, S IMMO is well positioned, we have a strong, crisis-tested team, a broadly diversified and high-quality portfolio – almost a quarter of our rental income is generated from our residential properties – as well as a comfortable cash cushion. Our strong equity structure certainly offers us opportunities, if the corona crisis ends in a few months. As entrepreneurs, we do not plan only a year ahead, instead we are already thinking about 2021.
Friedrich Wachernig


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