Financial year 2018

As entrepreneurs in the real-estate business, we are always making decisions. One moment we need to gauge the situation wisely, the next we need to pinpoint the perfect timing. This is second nature to us. Our experience shows: With a solid intuition for the market and the situation, it is possible to target profitable properties and successfully harness their potential.



property portfolio



earnings per share






FFO I per share






EPRA-NAV per share



consolidated net income

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million m²

land reserves

We make decissions based on reason and intuition
The annual results for 2018 confirm that we are successfully continuing the positive development of the last few years. We achieved a significant increase in FFO I in the financial year 2018. At the same time, we laid the foundation for the continued growth of our long-term earnings by completing projects and acquiring properties with clear potential for rising rents. Based on these excellent results, we are proposing a dividend of EUR 0.70 for the 2018 financial year, thus accomplishing our goal of consistently increasing our dividend in particularly impressive fashion.
Ernst Vejdovszky

Our business modell

Buy, manage, sell – these are decisions we make all the time. After all, when we invest in a property, our aim is to increase its value in the foreseeable future and – where possible – turn it to profit. In this, we let the cycle of the particular market be our guide. Our objective is to sell during peak phases and buy during downturns. We rely on both our experience and our intuition to help pinpoint the perfect timing.

Value-creating purchases and sales

  • Purchases with high asset value as well as potential for attractive cash flow and/or value enhancement
  • Opportunistic, strategic or cycle-oriented sales

Asset management

  • Active management of properties
  • Increase in occupancy rate and tenant satisfaction
  • Increase in rents, yields and value


  • New construction of properties
  • Creation of prime properties in central locations
  • Attractive development projects

Leverage potential

  • Investment in and repositioning of properties
  • Restructuring
  • Creative, innovative marketing concepts

Markets & Real Estate

S IMMO acquires buildings with potential and is currently focusing on residential properties in economically up-and-coming German cities such as Leipzig, Erfurt or Kiel. Indepth knowledge of the local markets is a key factor here.

  • 100% investment in the EU
  • Focus on capital cities in Austria, Germany, CEE as well as on German cities with economic and demographic potential
  • Thanks to the know-how of local expert teams in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Romania, we are able to identify developments at an early stage and act quickly.


million m²

total area



commercial properties



occupancy rate



rental yield

67% stable markets

Portfolio properties generating income (without plots and developments)

33% emerging markets

Portfolio properties generating income (without plots and developments)

The S IMMO share

  • Listed in the ATX since September 2017
  • Year-end closing price as of 31 Dec 2018: EUR 14.54
  • EPRA-NAV per share as of 31 Dec 2018: EUR 21.25
  • Earnings per share 2018: EUR 3.08
  • Stable and sustainable dividend policy since 2011
  • For 2018, the company distributed a dividend of EUR 0.70 per share.
During the last financial year, we benefited from the fact that we made the right investment decisions in the past as well as from the value-creating management of our properties. We will once again work to leverage the potential of our portfolio in the 2019 financial year. At the same time, we are securing earnings opportunities for the long term by acquiring property reserves in Germany and CEE.
Friedrich Wachernig


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