S IMMO AG mourns the passing of Wilhelm Rasinger

Corporate news

Wilhelm Rasinger, a longtime and former member of the Supervisory Board of S IMMO AG passed away on Sunday at the age of 72 after a serious illness.

On behalf of S IMMO AG, the company's Management Board members Ernst Vejdovszky and Friedrich Wachernig express their deepest condolences: "Wilhelm Rasinger left an indelible mark on our company and helped shape the S IMMO we know today. He always stood for constructive dialogue between our company and retail investors and enriched our Supervisory Board with his expertise and fearless objectivity. Our thoughts are with his family these days."

Wilhelm Rasinger served as an independent member of the Supervisory Board for S IMMO AG for 10 years. The economist began his career in 1972 as a project manager and later as a management consultant. After holding various management positions, including in an insurance company, the father of five children founded the IVA (Interessenverband für Anleger) in 1999, which promotes the interests and rights of small investors in Austria and a functioning capital market. As an honorary professor of business administration at the Vienna University of Technology, Wilhelm Rasinger has also contributed to the education of students for 25 years.