S IMMO AG announces changes in shareholding structure.

Ad hoc notification

Regarding the ad hoc release of stock exchange listed S IMMO AG (Bloomberg: SPI:AV, Reuters: SIAG.VI; S IMMO Share ISIN: AT0000652250, S IMMO INVEST participating certificate ISIN: AT0000795737 und AT0000630694) published on 30 November 2011, S IMMO AG hereby clarifies that the two strategic core shareholders of the Company, Erste Group and Vienna Insurance Group, are still holding a 9% and over 10% shareholding in the Company, respectively. 

Furthermore, S IMMO AG announces, according to article 93 (2) Austrian Stock Exchange Act (Börsegesetz), the receipt of voting rights notifications pursuant to article 91 (1) Austrian Stock Exchange Act (Börsegesetz) by Erste Asset Management GmbH.

These voting rights notifications disclose that RINGTURM Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H and ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. are subsidiaries of Erste Asset Management GmbH, that these three companies pursue a joint voting rights policy and, that therefore voting rights notifications of the fund assets are made cumulatively. 

For this reason the three said reporting companies inform that their joint share in voting rights in S IMMO AG exceeded the notifiable threshold of 10% as at 29 November 2011. As at 29 November 2011 a total of 7,130,557 shares (voting rights of 10.47%) are held by ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H., 1,000,000 shares (voting rights of 1.47%) are held by RINGTURM Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. Erste Asset Management GmbH does not hold shares itself. Together the said companies therefore hold 11.94% of the share capital of S IMMO AG.