Changes in the Management Board

Ad hoc notification

The Supervisory Board of S IMMO AG and Management Board member Holger Schmidtmayr have mutually agreed today that Mr. Schmidtmayr's Management Board contract will be terminated with effect from 16 June 2023 (end of day). At the same time, the Supervisory Board decided to appoint Ms Radka Döhring, who already serves on the Executive Board of IMMOFINANZ AG, to the Executive Board of S IMMO AG.

Karin Rest, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board: "I would like to thank Mr Schmidtmayr for his successful support of S IMMO in the implementation of the strategic realignment. I am convinced that with the appointment of Ms Döhring, we are creating the best possible conditions for leveraging further potential in the Group and increasing profitability for shareholders. Personally, I am very pleased that we were finally able to appoint a woman to the Management Board of S IMMO AG for the first time."

Martin Němeček, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board and CEO of CPI Property Group: "The appointment of Radka Döhring represents the consistent implementation of the declared goal of identifying synergies and swiftly taking efficiency-enhancing integration steps. We would like to thank Holger Schmidtmayr for all he has done for S IMMO and look forward to gaining a first-class manager in Radka Döhring, who is already doing impressive work at IMMOFINANZ AG."

Holger Schmidtmayr: "I have been with S IMMO for many years and in various positions, and I am proud of everything we have achieved during this time. Above all, my thanks go to the outstanding team. It has been a pleasure and an honour to shape the company with them."