Christmas project 2016

Giving with sense

With this year’s Christmas project, we are supporting the Caritas initiative „Giving with sense”.

S IMMO supports the following projects, which are part of this Caritas initiative:

A sleeping place for mother and child

In emergency situations women and children are particularly in need of fast and unbureaucratic help. With the package “a sleeping place for mother and child” women receive a place in a night shelter, support with job search or just food and clothing for themselves and their child.

Warmth for people in need

268,000 people in Austria aren’t able to heat their apartment sufficiently. With “warmth for people in need” people living beneath the poverty line receive a contribution to their heating costs as well as a comprehensive consultation by Caritas.

A warm soup for children in Ukraine

Over 100,000 children in Ukraine are living in orphanages, asylums or on the street. Some of them do not have parents anymore. However, most of the time desperate poverty, parents looking for a job abroad and neglect are the reason why the girls and boys do not have a home anymore. With a donation, these children receive a warm meal once a day.